Tiny Kiwi - Meditation Cabin

Earth Energies Sanctuary is a wellness retreat, helping its clients to reconnect with nature and improve their life quality. They are located in the south of Auckland, having 3 locations spreaded around 1,5km, surrounded by the forest of Waitakaruru. A design competition was launched for their fourth location named Tiny Kiwi meditation cabin. My design proposition evolved from the A-frame cabin, taking much inspiration from nature, the main element of it being directly inspired from the New Zealand Fantail, a small insectivorous bird, the only species of fantail in New Zealand with great importance in Māori mythology.

The whole structure seems frail, one of the main structural elements being one thin steel cable, and it is balanced on two points at the bottom, giving the impression that it is always balancing. Through this well balanced shape the structure speaks about its purpose, inviting its visitors to exercise balance as well. While inside it is easy to observe the surroundings, be safe and protected from outdoor weather conditions such as heavy sun or rain. The vertical sheets of glass can swing and create two big openings which transform the cabin into a totem of equilibrium in the middle of the forest.

The structure has a small impact on the environment, the thin concrete slab being the element with the biggest ecological impact. Another benefit of a thin concrete slab is the possibility of replacing effortlessly at the end of its life. All the other materials are recyclable, such as cross laminated timber frames, glass, steel cable and aluminium mullions. The proposed site is located in a sacred spot within a clearing surrounded by native trees, with sun streaming into the clearing from the north, it is a quiet spot which holds a special energy ideally suited for meditation and will be featured as part of a guided nature walk across the property.

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