GlassHaven is a pavilion concept that I developed, drawing inspiration from the Bosjes Chapel by Steyn Studio. The pavilion boasts a unique and intricate shape, which was created using parametric design and truss structures.

Made of metal trusses and frosted glass panels, the pavilion offers visitors a comfortable and welcoming space to gather, sheltering them from the elements. The frosted glass provides an elegant and modern aesthetic while also diffusing natural light, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Overall, GlassHaven is a testament to the potential of digital design and materials technology in contemporary architecture.
The concept of GlassHaven was developed using advanced digital tools such as Rhino SubD and Grasshopper. This approach showcases the power of parametric design, which allows for precise and efficient construction of the pavilion's complex structure. The use of digital design tools also enables a more streamlined design and fabrication process, minimizing waste and reducing costs.
The design of GlassHaven has been optimized for solar performance, with a solar analysis showing a significant 30% reduction in direct solar hours in the region. This makes the pavilion a practical choice for visitors seeking refuge from the sun and rain. The pavilion's frosted glass panels not only provide an elegant aesthetic but also help to mitigate heat gain, creating a comfortable environment even during warm weather. The solar analysis was specifically executed for Paris city, making GlassHaven an ideal option for small parks located in metropolitan areas with warmer than average temperatures. This unique feature of GlassHaven makes it a practical and comfortable choice for visitors seeking shelter from the sun and rain, while also offering an elegant and modern space to gather and relax.
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